Top 10 Must Read SEO Posts

It has often been said that “no news is good news”, but the same can be said about “old news is good news”. I found this out when I turned back the clock a bit and started looking at some old blog posts. Perhaps you will find them as interesting as I do, and maybe find something in them that you have managed to forget and now can put to good use.


This post is a great reminder that we all need a break from business once in awhile. Just a change of thought can be like a breath of fresh air. You most likely will find if you do this, then when you return to the grueling task of concentrating on your SEO tactics it will not be quite so mind boggling.


All of us in business know time is money, and when there is anyway possible to cut down the work load then we are all for it. This blog has some great common sense approaches to SEO your site quick and easy. Just think, if it even saves you one or two hours on this business task. then it is well worth taking a few minutes to read the blog and digest what it is telling you.


Sure there are tons of SEO tools available on the net, and new ones coming out all the time. It should be remembered though that there are lots of old ones that are still worth their weight in gold (business!) and we shouldn’t forget about them. This blog has a great list of some of the old and still new SEO tool standbys. Go ahead and give a few of them a chance to work their magic for your business.


Lots of things may change when it comes to SEO success, but then there are some that never do, and that is the foundation that SEO is built on. This blog will take you back to the basics and it is a great blog for going through a mental check list for your SEO building tactics.


If you want a bit of a refresher course when it comes to what good and harm paid links can do for you in respect to google, then this is a “must read”. It contains a lot of information that we may tend to forget as we move along in our quest for the number one google page rankings.


I don’t know about others in business, but I get so wrapped up in putting out content that I forget about some of the great sources to obtain it such as flickr. This post jogged my memory about this great source but also gave some great examples of how successful it can be.


It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this can be certainly held true when it comes to the famous SEO success pyramid. This is a blog that any newcomer to business wants to look over. In fact it would serve as a great refresher to those of us who are more experienced in business to review as well.


For those of you that are mesmerized by the great internet giant “google”, this is a good post to read as a reminder that google isn’t out to get the little guy. It shows that this giant is not afraid to go after the big guns if the need is there. The blog focuses on some of the unique penalties that google has been known to hand out in the past.


We all hate to admit it, but most of us hang off any little tid bit that may be thrown our way from the google guru’s. This post is a gem when it comes to some google advice that means something, being that it comes from google’s very own, Matt Cutts.


This is an old blog that acts as a reminder that often using the cliché of “black hat” can take away the severity of this type of SEO tactics. It is always worth jogging our memories of what shady or bad SEO can do to the business world as a whole.

So there you have it! The top ten, best of the best, blog posts resurrected from the not too far past.

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